Horse Trails in Arkansas and Oklahoma.










Welcome to the Ouachita Mountains



A Ouachita Mountains Equestrian Adventure awaits you.  The Ouachita Mountains run East to West through Arkansas and Oklahoma.  There are many excellent Horse Trails for all skill levels through the beautiful Ouachita Mountains that both rider and horse will enjoy.  From rocky bluffs, to deep canyon creek crossings, the Ouachita Mountains has something for all equestrian enthusiasts. 

The Ouachita Mountains are rich in unique Flora and Fauna.  Please care of the Ouachita Mountains, the Ouachita National Forest, the State Parks, and other agencies that provide trail resources for your riding enjoyment. 

Stay on the Equestrian Trails, and by all means do not attempt to ride on trails that are not designated as “Horse Trail”. 

Adhere by the guidelines of “Tread Lightly”, and you will greatly increase your enjoyment of the Ouachitas while fostering respect from the many other users of the Ouachita Mountains.


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